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Kitchenware Stove Top Cover

Kitchenware Stove Top Cover

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Material – Bamboo Wood


Size - 31 in x 22.04 in x 2.09 in

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  • Multi-function Board

    This versatile piece can be used as a durable and easy to clean stovetop cover or as a decoration piece to add a touch of style to any kitchen.

  • Premium Quality Bamboo

    Made of natural bamboo for a sturdy, smooth surface, this strong yet lightweight bamboo stovetop cover resists moisture, minimizes cut marks, and won't dull knives.

  • Sustainability

    Since our product is not made of precious wood timber, the difference in sustanability makes the world a better place.

Keep your cooking experience at a high level with our durable bamboo stove top cover

Our stovetop cover is a space-saving device that can go over your burners when they're not in use to give you extra room for preparing meals

When not in use, the stovetop cover has various stylish designs that go on top of your cover to give it an extra touch

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